Countryside Community Church

Photo Album  Making Music for the Lord


Worshipping through music is an important part of our worship. Here, singing to the Lord in the early days at PKF.

Worship Team members, Carl, Madeline, Stephen, Stephanie and Zach, leading worship at PKF.

Stephanie, with help from a certain flat friend, provided keyboard accompaniment during the 2005 Ladies Shore Retreat, as she does most Sundays.

Madeline, Countryside's Special Music Coordinator, sharing a song on Easter morning in 2005.

Our first Sunday Worship time at the American Legion Hall.

Stephen presenting a special song during our 2006 Bible Conference.

Heidi and Deb presenting a song during our 2006 Thanksgiving Eve Service.

Zach giving a few pointers to Jordan, a future Countryside drummer.

Carl and Mandi presenting a duet at our '07 Easter service.

Worship Team members singing on Easter morning '07.


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