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Photo Album  Happy Holidays


4th of July 2005

At the Roepckes, opening with a patriotic ceremoney that honored the veterans who were present.

Thomas holding our nation's flag as we pledged our allegiance.

Mikayla getting her face painted by our two Deannas.

Cool balloons!

A relay race!

The volleyball challenge!

The judges hard at work during our 1st Annual All-American Apple Pie Baking Contest. Karen took home the blue ribbon!

Thanksgiving Eve 2005

Our jr. & sr. high students rehearsing with the puppets that were donated to us.

4th of July 2006

Another great day in the Roepckes back yard!

The food was incredible, thanks to our all-star team of grillmeisters!

Lots of great games for the kids.

One of Jenell's many happy moments.

Christmas Eve 2006

The Hall was candlelit as we sang carols and enjoyed special music presentations.

Stephen and the Worship Team led the singing.

The children presented a great song!

Jordan, with Hannah, Alissa and Jason, quoted the Luke 2 account of Jesus' birth.

Doris read a Christmas story to the children.

Heidi and Paul sang O Holy Night.

Easter 2007

A beautiful, encouraging morning!

A special song from the kids.

Rachel and Mikayla did their part!

A great song from Paul and Heidi.

Madeline's song featured a great video background.

Pastor Mike's message was from 1 Cor. 15.

All the special vocalists presented a closing song.


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