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GroupMe is a free group text messaging app.  The GroupMe app can be placed on an iphone, an Android phone, or a Windows phone.  GroupMe group members can send and receive text messages from their phones or their computers.  Through GroupMe, the members of a group have group texting conversations (not private conversations).

Countryside has a GroupMe text messaging group!  It’s exclusively for our church family – our regular, Sunday morning meeting attendees who are high school age or older (whether they’re official Countryside members or not).  We especially use our Countryside GroupMe to quickly and easily let everyone in our church family know about a prayer need or answer to prayer, to remind everyone of a church event, or to notify everyone of an event change.  Anyone in Countryside’s GroupMe can start a message thread, and anyone can participate in any thread.  When a group conversation ought to become private, two group members can leave the group thread and continue their conversation privately, in Direct Message.  Also, Countryside sub-groups (for ministry teams) can be created.  The members of a Countryside sub-group are able to have “sub-group only” texting conversations.  Our Countryside GroupMe also makes it possible for everyone in our church family to listen in on and/ or participate in any kind of God-honoring, beneficial, appropriate group conversation, whether related to our church life or not (“We have an extra toaster. Could anyone use it?” … “Randy’s latest book came out last Sunday” … “A new thrift shop just opened in Langhorne” … “Could anyone recommend a good Bible verse to share with my friend, who just lost her job?” … “Let’s all make time to vote tomorrow!” … etc., etc.)

Our Countryside GroupMe group membership is managed for our church by Pastor Mike.  Each one who is in our Countryside group has asked to be included and is meeting the criteria for inclusion.  Any group member is able to leave our group, on their own, at any time.  When a Countryside group member is no longer part of our church family, he/ she is automatically removed from our GroupMe, and from our Countryside GroupMe sub-groups.

Church Family Group Texting Etiquette
By following these guidelines, our Countryside GroupMe members can help keep our GroupMe a great communication tool.

  1. Jump in from time to time. Always being silent can be taken as disinterest.  By sharing a few words, you can encourage good church family communication and help strengthen our relationships.
  2. Lift up Jesus and build up others.  Emotion gets lost (or easily misinterpreted) in digital banter, so always go out of your way to be thoughtful, respectful, kind, and encouraging. It’s good to review before sending. Ambiguous statements can be easily misunderstood.  And remember how text bombing (sending multiple texts consecutively because you didn’t say what you meant to say the first time) comes through on everyone else’s phone: “ping! … ping! … ping! … ping! … ping!”
  3. Just one or two sentences, please, no long paragraphs.  In back-and-forth, point-counterpoint conversations, two or three responses are usually enough.
  4. Conversations that ought to be between just two, or between just a few, don’t belong.  For those, be sure to use Direct Message or the appropriate sub-group.
  5. Be discerning.  If you wouldn’t want your message shared publicly, it probably shouldn’t be shared in a GroupMe.
  6. Let people have their down-time! If it’s after 8:00 PM or before 8:00 AM, ask yourself, “Could this wait?”
  7. Mute Responsibly.  You might not want to hear so many “ping!” notifications, but remember, you’re in our church family texting group for an important reason – we’re helping each other stay close and keep up with what’s going. To do that well, we need all of us!
  • Do you attend our Countryside Sunday morning meetings regularly?
  • Are you high school age our older?
  • Are you okay with our GroupMe Guidelines?
  • Would you like to be part of our church family GroupMe?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, just complete the form below and click “SUBMIT“.  You’ll also need to download the GroupMe appCLICK HERE  to download.

Pastor Mike will let you know when you’re all set to begin group texting on GroupMe with your Countryside church family!   Everyone will be glad to have you!

Countryside's GroupMe SignUp