This Week's Events & Info

Sunday, January 24, 2021

This Tuesday evening (Jan 26), at 7:00, everyone is invited to join-in for our weekly, 40-minute Zoom prayer meeting. For help with joining, talk with our prayer meeting host, Hannah.

The Greatest Escape! … Next Sunday night (Jan 31), from 4:00 to 8:00, here at the Hall, we can look forward to an amazing and fun escape room experience that points to Jesus!  It’s been developed by, and will be presented by Bing BingamanThe escape room part of our evening is especially designed for those who are high school age and olderThose who are younger (and those waiting to enter the escape room), will be able to enjoy the evening too – downstairs, watching a kid-friendly movie, playing some games, and having snacks.  Everything will be free, but it is necessary to sign-up at the Welcome Table – for yourself and your group. Also, help will be needed with snacks and beverages, and with set-up and take-down.

Our Annual Members’ Meeting will be held on Sunday night, Feb. 21.  This important time together will begin at 5:30p, with hors d’oeuvres, desserts and fellowshipPlease plan on bringing either an hors d’oeuvre or a dessert to share.  At our meeting, we will vote on a proposed 2021 Budget and on Pastor Mike’s reaffirmation as pastor.  We will also talk together about our church life, and pray together for our church.  On Feb 7, our 2020 Annual Report will be available on our website in the Church Family Stuff password protected section. 

Currently in Belayers (our Sunday morning Bible class), Mark Hoeckele is leading the group in an interactive, three-month (Jan-Mar) study in the Book of Acts, entitled: The Beginning of Paul’s Missionary Journeys.  The class begins at 9:00, with a fellowship and prayer time. Everyone who is middle school age and older is welcome to attend.

Tomorrow (Jan 25), Pastor Mike will be flying to Florida, to visit with and help his Mom. God willing, he will be home this Friday (Jan 29). Everyone’s prayers are much appreciated.

Randy’s newest book, Myeem – the first in his new Erabon Prophecy Trilogy, is now available, and we can purchase signed copies from Randy. The cost is $10 (including tax). The story is about an intergalactic gate accident that flings an astronaut, nicknamed Nuke, so far into the universe that he has no chance of finding his way home. The aliens he encounters look very different from him, but also worship a deity called Erabon. Nuke finds himself viewed as the forerunner to the return of their deity and he is charged to reunite all six of their clans, which reside on six separate planets, before this deity’s return. While everything is vastly different from his experiences, he also finds things eerily familiar. The story is somewhat analogous to some of C.S. Lewis’ metaphorical stories where we see our faults in these alien clans and see how we can get so obsessed with our doctrinal differences that we miss the bigger picture of what God’s basic plan for us is, and how we are to come to him. If you like science fiction, or Christian fiction, you’ll probably especially like this one!

Men … an opportunity to serve on Sunday mornings:  A strong guy is needed to place our church sign out on Linden Ave at 8:50, then put it back in our downstairs storage area after our services.  Interested?  Talk with Pastor Mike.

We are pleased to announce that, this month, Robin Hoeckele will become our new church Bookkeeper. She will be replacing Sheri Girgenti, who has been an outstanding bookkeeper for us since our church began. Recently Sheri expressed her desire to give up the position. Let’s be praying for her, as she deals with additional demands on her time these days, and for her and Robin, as Robin becomes trained and she and Sheri transition.

Sunday service cancellations … When it becomes necessary to cancel an in-person Sunday service (for any reason – whether Covid-19, severe winter weather, etc.), those cancellations will be announced through our Church Family GroupMe, and they will be posted in red at the bottom of our website Home page.

For a printable version of our complete January church calendar, CLICK HERE .

Recent Sunday morning messages at Countryside are available to hear online, on our church website. Just go to the HEAR A SUNDAY MESSAGE page.

Those who worship through financial gifts here at Countryside are now able to give online, using Givebutter. A credit card can be used, or Venmo, or PayPal, or Apple Pay), Bank-to-bank (ACH) electronic transfers can also be made ($100 or more). And Countryside giving through Givebutter is tax deductible.. CLICK HERE  to check it out.

To those who cannot be with us at the Hall on Sundays, we hope you will join us via Zoom, at 10:30, for our worship time and a message from God’s Word.

We are no longer providing a printed Sunday bulletin.  Instead

  • We are utilizing this page, in our website’s (password protected) Church Family Stuff sectionAlso, every week, on our Church Family Stuff pageattendance and giving updates will be available.  And, every month, our current Prayer Requests list and church calendar (printable “refrigerator” version) will be available on our Church Family Stuff page. This change – if we can make the adjustment and go with it, can be a new and better way for us to do things.  It will significantly reduce our annual printing costs.  Also, since most of us always have our smartphones with us, current church family life information will always be at our fingertips!
  • Also, every Sunday on our Welcome Table, there is a Welcome to Countryside! handout available for any visitors we might have, and there are Message Notes sheets, for anyone interested in taking notes during our Sunday messages.

Would you like to have an icon link to our church website on your computer desktop, or on your smartphone or tablet home screen? Having one makes using our website much faster and easier!  Learn how to do it from How-To Geek!  To add our icon shortcut to your Windows 10 desktop PC, CLICK HERE . To add our icon to any kind of smartphone or tablet home screen, CLICK HERE .

Currently on Sunday mornings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  • If you have flu symptoms, please join our service on Zoom, from home.  Pastor Mike’s 10:30 AM messages are being streamed live.  To join in on Zoom, email us at: .
  • If you’ve been traveling, please follow applicable PA quarantine requirements.
  • Always wear your mask inside (elementary school-age and older), except for when you’re leading in front.
  • Stay 6 ft. from others who are not part of your family or living in your household.
  • Seating during our meetings:  Please place your family’s/ household’s group of chairs so they are facing the podium, 6 ft. (but not more than 6 ft.) from all other chairs. We want to sit sufficiently distanced, but as close together as possible
  • No nursery or special children’s programming is being provided at any of our church meetings at this time.
  • Just before our 10:30 service, there is a 9:30 (not 9:00, as usual) Prayer & Fellowship time for everyone who is middle school-age and older.