Our Ministries

From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.   Ephesians 4:16

SonShine Crk Age Groups 3 for Web

SonShine Creek is our two-part Sunday morning program for kids of every age (infants through age 12/ grade 6).  These are carefully planned times of participating in age-appropriate worship and learning from God’s Word, led by a caring, creative and committed team of adults.  Part 1 is held from 9:00-10:10 am, during Countryside’s Sunday School hour.  Sunday School is provided for all ages, including youth and adults.  Part 2 is held during our Worship Service, 10:30-11:45 am.  Children age 4 through age 12/ Grade 6 (Bullfrogs and Beavers), sit with their parents during the first part of the service, participating with our adults and youth in a time of worship through music and (once each month) Communion.  Midway through our Worship Service, just before the Pastor’s message, they are dismissed for SonShine Creek, Part 2.  Visiting children may either sit with their parents for the remainder of the service, or leave with the other children to participate in SonShine Creek, Part 2.  Our Nursery (Waterbugs) is provided for infants through age 3 throughout the entire Worship Service. Our SonShine Creek Puppet Team, comprised of young adults, ministers to kids by providing puppet sketches during our special church services.

Student Ministry

HigheRock is our ministry to middle and senior high school students (grades 7-12). It exists to help Christian students grow in and live strong through Jesus, with the help of some good Christian friends and mentors, and to provide them with tools, encouragement, and real help in sharing the gospel with their friends who are still living without Jesus.  HigheRock is led by a volunteer staff of men and women who know and love the Lord, relate to, care about, and make time for teenagers, and who understand youth ministry from years of effective experience.  Over the years, they have provided an excellent weekly Sunday morning Bible class and monthly, weekend fun activities. They have also planned and led our own six day summer camps, and wintertime Great White Weekends – both in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  In 2020, for the first time in fifteen years, our HigheRock ministry has been put on hold.  Our staff members, ready and eager to rebuild, are asking God to connect them with a new group of teenagers they can pour their hearts and lives into, for Jesus.

College-Age Ministry

Navigators is our college-age young adult group.  The group’s members get together every Sunday morning at 9:00, for friendship building and interactive Bible study.  They also meet two Sunday nights each month, at the home of the couple that provides leadership for the group, and is always available to spiritually mentor the group’s members.  Every few months, the Navigators do something together, usually on a Saturday, just for fun. Newcomers are always welcome!

Young Adult Ministry

Our Young Adult Dinner & Fellowship is a monthly evening of good fellowship over dinner, usually on the second Thursday of the month, at one of the group members’ homes.  The evening also includes some discussion around the Bible, and a prayer time. It is a night out both our single and married young adults look forward to. Newcomers are always welcome!

Adult Ministry

A belayer is a climber who holds the rope for a friend who is also climbing.  A group of climbers who are also belayers are able to get past great difficulties together, and arrive together at wonderful places; places they could never reach on their own.  Our Belayers Bible Fellowship is for all of our adults. It meets every Sunday morning at 9:00. Its name both describes its purpose and accurately characterizes its meetings.  Over coffee and pastry, class members spend the first 20 or so minutes of their meeting sharing what is going on in their lives and praying for each other.  This is followed by an interesting, helpful, interactive Bible study, led by one of our church’s outstanding Bible teachers. On the third Thursday night of every month, many of our Belayers fellowship participants get together again at the home of one of our church’s families for a delicious pitch-in dinner, another informal time around God’s Word, and prayer together,  Newcomers are always welcome at both of these spiritually encouraging regular activities for adults.

Women's Ministry

The Women of Countryside have always encouraged and helped each other grow in Christ through women’s weeknight and weekday Bible studies – during the school year months, as needed; through special back-yard, summer night get-togethers; and through fall retreats – every October, at the shore or in the mountains.  They also stay connected through an occasional Saturday morning Fellowship Breakfast.

Men's Ministry

Our Men’s Night Out events are held monthly, on a weeknight, during most of the school year months, at various church family homes. It’s for all our men, whether younger (as young as senior high school age) or older.  The evening begins with a great dinner, which is followed by a video Bible study and prayer time, and ends with a live tv sports event or other kind of just-for-fun tv show or movie.  Men’s Nights Out always end by 9:00, so everyone can get enough sleep that night.  Also, several times a year, Countryside’s men get together for some fun, Saturday outings (fishing, clay shooting, farm shows, etc.).

Music Ministry

Our very special, volunteer Music Ministry Team is comprised of both vocal and instrumental (keyboard, guitar, drums, and flute) musicians. Supported technically by our volunteer A-V Team, our musicians serve faithfully by leading us as we worship through singing every Sunday morning. They also provide weekly special music presentations; and they are an important part of our three annual special services: Easter Morning, Thanksgiving Eve, and Christmas Eve.  Generally, our Music Ministry team members meet for rehearsal one weeknight each month.