Our Missions Outreach

Soon after our church family was formed, we began asking God to lead us to a doctrinally sound, free grace, outreach-oriented local church, planted by God somewhere in the heart of a spiritually dark, closed-to-foreign-missionaries, part of the world; a church comprised of and led by nationals.  Quite a request!  We hoped there was such a church! If God would lead us to it, we would look to Him to enable us to build a sister-church relationship with the believers of that far away church, and send them financial help … in hopes that, through them, we could become part of sharing the true gospel message to as many people as possible in their spiritually dark homeland. In 2012, God answered our prayer in an extraordinary way.

182 million people live in Pakistan. 97% are Muslim. Currently, Pakistan is the only Middle Eastern nation, besides Israel, with nuclear weapons. Pakistan has long been a safe-haven for Muslim terrorists (Al-Qaeda and Taliban).  It is where Osama Bin Laden was provided cover for years. Christians in Pakistan face social and economic persecution every day, because of their faith, as well as severe opposition from militant Islamic groups.  Each year, many are imprisoned, tortured and put to death. God has allowed us to discover and partner with several churches comprised of true Pakistani believers.  These Christian brothers and sisters of ours are living for Jesus Christ, upholding and teaching God’s Word, and clearly sharing the true message of the gospel.

We are most personally connected with one key Pakistani Christian, who relates to these churches as a respected leader and Bible teacher.  He, his wife, and their four children live near Karachi. For their safety, we do not share their names or residence location online. Besides providing spiritual leadership to several good churches, this middle-aged brother is being used of God to develop an Urdu-language online ministry – for evangelizing that part of the world, while strengthening and training new believers through an online Bible school.  We at Countryside feel so blessed to have been entrusted with this relationship, and with this extraordinary missions outreach opportunity.